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Pearl Harbor Virtual Reality Center Tour - Oahu, United States

About This Tour

Duration: 30 minutes
Location: Oahu, United States
Product Code: 18883P10

Activity Details

Step Back in Time and experience the National Park Service's new Pearl Harbor Virtual Reality Center. Open daily from 8am to 3pm. Admission is just $4.95 to experience all 3 of these incredible Virtual Reality Tours:

1- Walk the Decks of the USS Arizona Battleship Before the Attack

2- Witness the Attack on Battleship Row on Dec 7, 1941

3- Experience the USS Arizona Memorial

Completely immerse yourself in WWII History at the National Park Services’ new Pearl Harbor Virtual Reality Center, where “History Comes Alive”. Travel back in time with never-seen-before 360 degree perspectives and retrace the events of December 7, 1941.

These incredible and historically accurate Pearl Harbor tours are best shared with our new virtual reality technology. Discover the Pearl Harbor Virtual Reality Tours for yourself. All equipment is provided and it’s easy to use.

Please check in with your tour confirmation at the Pearl Harbor Virtual Reality Center between 8am to 3pm, located in the courtyard of the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center.  Plan to spend around 20-30 minutes at this great tour destination.  All equipment is provided and it’s easy to use.

Discover the Pearl Harbor Virtual Reality Tours for yourself that include:

A-           Walk the Deck of the USS Arizona Before It Was Sunk by an Armor Piercing Bomb

Imagine being able to walk the deck of the Battleship USS Arizona on Dec. 6, 1941, a day before it was sunk by an armor piecing bomb. This incredible, historically accurate virtual reality experience transports you onto the main deck of the USS Arizona. You can even visit the crow’s nest at the very top of the USS Arizona, with 360 degree perspective enabling you to view the entire Battleship. Meet some of the sailors that were part of her final crew, and tour one of the most powerful battleships of that era.


B-            Witness the Key Stages of the Japanese Attack on Battleship Row

Offered in four segments, this unique virtual reality experience brings to life the attack sequence on Pearl Harbor’s Battleship Row on Dec. 7, 1941. You will be able to see firsthand Battleship Row in detail, witness history and learn about the Japanese bombing that sank some of the most powerful battleships in the U.S. fleet.


C- Experience the USS Arizona Memorial

This experience is perfect for visitors who wanted to spend more time on the Memorial or were unable to visit. Take your own private virtual tour at your own pace and visit each solemn room at the Memorial, including areas off limits to the public. View-able at 360 degrees, this virtual journey offers a very realistic visit to the Memorial. You can even visit the roof top of the Memorial and view historic Pearl Harbor Bay. This VR Tour is so detailed that the viewer can read each of the 1,177 names listed on the shrine wall and of those sailors who later decided to be interned with their fellow shipmates.


Type of Activity

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