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Here is your 1 search result for Tours, Attractions & Activities in Waimea, United States

Kauai Private Tour Waterfalls Caves and Beaches

Kauai Private Tour Waterfalls Caves and Beaches - Waimea, Hawaii

Duration: 6 hours
Location: Waimea, Hawaii

From USD

This is a private Kauai circle island tour either with or without an amazing helicopter flight. The helicopter flight is operated by one of our certified partners ... More info ›

This is a private Kauai circle island tour either with or without an amazing helicopter flight. The helicopter flight is operated by one of our certified partners. Waterfalls, Caves, Beaches and Historic Sites. Explore the most beautiful spots on Kauai. Kaui, the garden island, is breathtaking. Spectacular views of the Kilauea Lighthouse, Hanaley Valley, Waimea Canyon and empty beaches on Kauai make this tour one of a kind. Adventure Kauai, the island where Captain Cook first landed in Hawaii.

We are the only tour company in Hawaii that offers customized souvenir videos of your day in Kauai. Your driver will be happy to take pictures and videos for you during the day and create a wonderful souvenir video for you.

85% of the island has never been explored by foot, but you can see it form the helicopter!
We recommend to finish your day with a helicopter flight, to see the full beauty of the island and hover in front of the beautiful waterfalls in a helicopter.

This private Tour on Kauai is a great experience if you like to explore the island in just one day. 

Starting with your Hotel pickup around 9am, the tour first explores the Eastside of Kauai.
Enjoy the beautiful ocean view at the Kilauea Lighthouse and spot some whales during whale season from November until April.
The tour takes you to Moloa'a Beach, a mostly empty beach on the way to the North Shore of Kauai.

Kahalalala beach not only has a funny name, but it's also one of the prettiest beaches on Kauai.

See the Taro fields on Kauai and learn about the diet that makes the people of Polynesia so strong and BIG.

At the end of our tour you get to see Ha'ena beach. Explore the Lava Cave behind the beach and let the guide explain what ancient Hawaiian storytellers told us about this cave.

If you have booked the tour with the helicopter flight we will turn around here and take you back to the heliport. At the heliport you will get a short safety briefing before you enter the 6 passenger helicopter with the GIANT windows. The views from the helicopter are amazing. See the beautiful Na'Pali Coast, the crater that made Kauai and erupted 1,5 Million years ago and see hundreds of small and huge waterfalls from the safety of the helicopter. This is a beautiful way to end your day on Kauai.

Once the flight is finished, we will bring you back to your hotel.

If you have booked the tour without the helicopter flight, we will drive back to Lawai, where we start the rest of the day after we had lunch (not included).

The tour takes you to Waimea Canyon, the Grand Canyon of the pacific. Beautiful views of the canyon and giant waterfalls all over give you an idea of how beautiful the garden island is. If you are interested the driver can take you on one or two short hikes with amazing views and secret spots on the island.

Learn about Captain Cook and why it is wrong to say that he discovered Hawaii. Who are the Menehune and what did they build on the island?

This tour is a great adventure for the whole family. With maximal 6 passengers on the tour this is a private tour.

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