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Sunrise Lava Hike

Sunrise Lava Hike - Kalapana, Hawaii Star Rating

Duration: Flexible
Location: Kalapana, Hawaii

From USD

Depart at 4:00 a.m. (subject to change) and walk for an hour beneath the twinkling lights of shimmering stars above ... More info ›

Depart at 4:00 a.m. (subject to change) and walk for an hour beneath the twinkling lights of shimmering stars above. View the golden sun rising from the ocean's horizon as its glorious light rays strike against luminous red rivers of lava making their journey into the azure blue pacific ocean. Hear the pounding surf crashing against thick black lava cliffs and we watch the plume of lava change from dark orange, to pastel pinks, and  then white as it transforms from bright red to glistening silver.  Onward to seek out surface lava flows and safely approach them. Get as close as 1 meter when it is safe to do so.  After enjoyeing the view and learning about lava, you will discover a black sand beach that was created by previous lava flows.

Meeting locations, start times, and dates are flexible as lava flows change direction and location. We move with the flows and adapt our schedules accordingly. We try to go every 2 days, so please schedule well in advance. Being a backpack with food, 1 to 2 liters of water per person, good hiking shoes and a rain jacket. We provide powerful flashlights, walking sticks, ponchos, and private parking which reduces an average of 4 miles form the hike. We also provide the fastest and safest guidance to and from the lava so you won't ever have to worry about walking around in circles for hours in the dark. We not only know the way, we also know where it's safest to walk and where it's dangerous to go; and we explain the differences to you. We also take beautiful pictures of you on request by the lava with our powerful camera. If you are curious about the geological aspects of the volcanic eruption we are happy to provide that to you.

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